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Cat-friendly Apartments - Date 10/27/2020

Do you remember the time they fit in your palm? Maybe they don’t anymore, but from boxes and shelves to some other impossible spots, your feline friends continue to stay comfy in your #KnollwoodMeadows home.

High-speed internet - Date 10/23/2020

Even the most different things have something in common. Our fitness center, clubhouse, pool, and laundry facilities, for example, all have high-speed internet! #EasyLiving #Amenities

Apple Day - Date 10/21/2020

We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but do we know how exactly? Besides being scrumptious and literally mouth-watering, apples are filled with vitamins that promote healthy skin, bones, and teeth.

Sustainable Living - Date 10/16/2020

As a green community, we strive to help residents lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is why recycling and energy-efficient appliances are a given as soon as you move in! #TowbesGreen #SantaMariaCA

Eat local - Date 10/13/2020

Craving Italian, Japanese, or Thai food? We’ve got good news: Giavanni’s Pizza, HaHa Sushi, and Hang Out are all at the junction of S Bradley Rd and E Clark Ave, ready to spoil your taste buds!

Contact us! - Date 10/08/2020

Interested to find out more about your future home? You can call, text, or email us, and we’ll tell you all! #ContactUs #SantaMariaApartments

Reading of the Month - Date 10/05/2020

With the spookiest month upon us, our #ReadingRecommendation also takes a gothic twist. We’d like to know—would you revisit a classic like Shelley’s Frankenstein or one of Stephen King’s recent horror plots like The Institute?

International Coffee Day - Date 10/01/2020

Be that flat white, mocha, cappuccino, or espresso, we think every coffee deserves a holiday. Celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay with your favorite cup of joe! #HugInaMug #CoffeeLovers

Workout Routine - Date 09/29/2020

Besides the gym, where else do you like working out - at home or outdoors?

DIY Fall Wreath - Date 09/28/2020

The wonders of seasonal changes have inspired art for centuries, which is why we think the artist in you will also come alive this fall. Fetch your kit from our leasing office and play with autumn's warm color palette!