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Independence Day - Date 07/03/2020

The pursuit of happiness—one of the simplest, yet most powerful ideas that our Founding Fathers knew binds us together. With this in mind, let’s all celebrate this 4th of July remembering all the things that connect us.

Morning Stretch - Date 06/29/2020

Start the week right and step out on your patio/balcony for an energizing morning stretch while soaking up the California sun! #MondayMotivation #RiseAndShine #SantaMariaCA

Global Beatles Day - Date 06/25/2020

Here comes the sun, and with it a reason to celebrate some timeless beats. On #GlobalBeatlesDay, we invite you to share your all-time-favorite Beatles song! #BeatlesFan

Energy-Efficient Appliances - Date 06/22/2020

Whether you’re cooking, washing dishes, or using the microwave, one thing’s for sure: you’re not wasting time or energy—courtesy of our energy-efficient appliances! #GreenCommunity #TowbesGreen

Walking Paths - Date 06/18/2020

Our green areas are in full bloom this time of the year, so make sure to enjoy them to the fullest. Don’t forget about sunscreen, either! #SummerTime #KnollwoodMeadowsLifestyle

Cat-Friendly Apartments - Date 06/15/2020

Waking up on a Monday morning can take its toll on all of us. Luckily, snoozing is an option—but only for our feline residents! #Catfriendly #LifeWithCats #SantaMariaApartments

Soul Food Month - Date 06/12/2020

Great chefs would agree—preparing mouthwatering meals is only possible if you add your heart & soul into it. June is #SoulFoodMonth, so we’d like to ask: what’s your favorite comfort food?

Home Sweet Home - Date 06/09/2020

Inspired layouts. Remarkable amenities. Effortless living. In other words, #KnollwoodMeadowsApartments. Give us a call today and find out more details about your next home!

Positive News - Date 06/05/2020

A crumb of good news might be just what we need to enhance a positive mindset. #PositiveNews #ReadingoftheMonth We swear by Positive News and their delightful articles!

Ample Storage Space - Date 06/03/2020

#KnollwoodMeadows is all about comfort, and the extra storage available in each home proves that! #EasyLiving #Clutterfree #SantaMariaApartments