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Green Living - Date 05/26/2020

Continuing to #thinkgreen during this period is just as important as ever. Small practices like cleaning the filters in your appliances can go a long way!

Cat-friendly Apartments - Date 05/21/2020

Staying productive with such a lazy feline around can be challenging, but we’re sure deep inside they’re just trying to tell you: you got this!

No Dirty Dishes Day - Date 05/18/2020

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate #NoDirtyDishesDay than with a bunch of sparkling-clean spoons, forks, pots, and cups—courtesy of your very own dishwasher.

Stretching at Home - Date 05/15/2020

No need to be a sport enthusiast to enjoy a thorough stretching session. Besides, it can also help with back pain or muscle tension, and make you feel relaxed.

Food Delivery - Date 05/12/2020

Craving sushi but don’t have the ingredients? Or is it a juicy burger you’d rather savor? Whatever you have on today’s menu, local eateries are ready to deliver it.

Reading of the Month - Date 05/07/2020

Most of us admire astronauts, but few of us realize how difficult their work can get when it comes to life in space. Our reading recommendation of the month is Mr. Scott Kelly’s take on isolation, in the New York Times.

Renewal Day - Date 05/04/2020

Star Wars fans may beg to differ, but on May 4th we (also) celebrate Renewal Day. This is an excellent occasion to revisit resolutions you might have put off until now or to find completely new ones.

April Fun Fact - Date 04/30/2020

at Knollwood Meadows Apartments, Santa Maria, CA

Did you know that April was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love? It makes perfect sense—we, for one, definitely fell in love with nature in its full bloom. Here’s to even more warmth and beauty next month! #KnollwoodMeadows #SantaMariaCA

Fitness Center - Date 04/27/2020

at Knollwood Meadows Apartments, Santa Maria, CA, 93455

Whether it is building muscle, doing cardio, or just enjoying some exercise every now and then, our fitness center is the go-to place regardless of your workout goals! #HomeWorkout #KnollwoodMeadowsLifestyle

Earth Day - Date 04/22/2020

at Knollwood Meadows Apartments, California, 93455

#EarthDay reminds us that our planet needs as much care and attention as we do. This is why we encourage sustainable living and feel truly grateful to our residents who contribute with so much! #TowbesGreen #HappyEarthDay