Floor Plan Assistant


Fall decor - Date 11/23/2020

Winter may be just around the corner, but we’re not yet ready to bid farewell to our fall décor. You can easily freshen the look of a room for a new season by adding a thick, floor-length curtain, in line with the colors of fall.

Stay Safe - Date 11/19/2020

Though reopening our clubhouse may be put off for some more time, we imagine heading there will feel like entering for the very first time. Until then, we hope you continue to #staysafe! #SocialDistancing #InThisTogether

Monday Motivation - Date 11/16/2020

Sometimes, the touch of their soft paw is all the pawsitivity we need to get through a busy Monday! #LifeWithCats #Pawsome #CatOfTheDay #CatLovers

World Kindness Day - Date 11/13/2020

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, be that a compliment, a helping hand, or just a smile. This #WorldKindnessDay, we invite you to treat yourself, as well—self-compassion is just as important!

Find your new home! - Date 11/10/2020

4036 Cedarhurst Drive – the starting and ending point of a great day. Reach out to us today and let us welcome you home to #KnollwoodMeadows! #SantaMariaApartments #LiveWell

Eating Green - Date 11/06/2020

Eating green? It’s not what it sounds like—at least, not reduced to veggies only. You can, for example, aim to purchase more local produce. They not only taste better, but also travel less to get to you, automatically lowering your carbon footprint!

Reading of the Month - Date 11/03/2020

From books about isolation to rediscovering old favorites, even our reading habits have adapted to the current spirit. What is one book you can always turn to in difficult times? #ReadingOfTheMonth #ReadingHabits

Happy Halloween! - Date 10/30/2020

Costume, check. Jack-o’-lantern, check. Tricks & treats, also check. It means you’re only a nightmare* away from the scariest day of the year! *excuse us, we meant a good night’s sleep

Cat-friendly Apartments - Date 10/27/2020

Do you remember the time they fit in your palm? Maybe they don’t anymore, but from boxes and shelves to some other impossible spots, your feline friends continue to stay comfy in your #KnollwoodMeadows home.

High-speed internet - Date 10/23/2020

Even the most different things have something in common. Our fitness center, clubhouse, pool, and laundry facilities, for example, all have high-speed internet! #EasyLiving #Amenities