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Bubble bath

Posted On: 10/21/2021

It’s time for bubbles to forget about troubles! Turn your bathroom into a spa with scented candles, relaxing tunes, and ...

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Four-legged friends

Posted On: 10/18/2021

They steal our food and our hearts, but we love them all the more for it—shout-out to the furry thieves living at #knoll...

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National Dessert Day

Posted On: 10/14/2021

You don’t need to attend a wedding, a birthday, or any other special event to eat your favorite slice of cake. Today's r...

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Floor plans

Posted On: 10/12/2021

Still looking for the ideal one or two-bedroom home? Add your favorite to the waitlist!

Green living

Posted On: 10/07/2021

The moment simple actions become part of your lifestyle is also when they start having a lasting impact. Small acts like...

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Mental Health Month

Posted On: 10/04/2021

Some struggles are visible, others are not, and this month has the latter in the limelight. This #mentalhealthmonth, let...

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Posted On: 09/30/2021

#TBT Do you remember the first time you set foot on our grounds? What was your impression?

Dinner time

Posted On: 09/27/2021

Fetch the plates and the cutlery—dinner’s almost ready!

World Car-Free Day

Posted On: 09/22/2021

Convenient as they are, our trusty vehicles deserve a rest every now and then. Especially when that means a much-deserve...

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Funny cat

Posted On: 09/20/2021

“Wait, it’s Monday again? Better take cover!”